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Lemniscaat Loop

Use polarities to connect!

The Lemniscate Loop is a easy, fast, pure and powerful method. By connecting opposites, a new balance and a new insight are created and the opposites dissolve.

  • Easy because the method is simple. 
  • Fast because the insight is really clear in a short time.
  • Purely because you do it yourself, the coach does not direct.
  • Powerful because you are really touched and you can feel what it is like.
"Loop de Lemniscaat Loop" in Dutch means "Walk the Lemniscate Loop".
The infinity sign is a loop therefore we did not translate (the second) 'Loop'.

The Lemniscate Loop is a simple and powerful method that uses opposition to connect, dissolve blockages and bring inner peace. You literally walk yourself in balance. Thinking changes into perception.

What seems irreconcilable takes on a different perspective.

The literal walking of a lemniscate ensures that you leave your thinking and come into perception. Your intuition is given space to come up with new insights and as a result you break through patterns that have built up over the years. You experience firsthand that these patterns are no longer necessary.

The Lemniscaat Loop helps you to get to know your unexposed side,
to utilize and develop yourself further

We follow the same pattern every day. We do what we always do. We learn and improve what we are already good at. So we only focus on one side of our ability, on one side of the coin. We ignore what we don’t know. We often refuse to look at it. While our other and unexposed side offers a range of new possibilities. So we are living only half of our potential. By connecting what we know well and can do with what we do not (want to) know, you strengthen both sides.

Imagine you like structure; you like to make lists, you keep your agenda good, you tidy up, you like to know in advance where you stand. You don’t like chaos; you can’t stand it when people don’t keep their agreements, you hate clutter and people who just do something. You avoid people who like chaos and you don’t understand how they can function like that. Sometimes so much so that you suffer from it and even come into conflict with people.
Lemniscaat Loop structure-chaos

Walk the Lemniscate Loop

Connecting extremities and walking  yourself into balance.
In Dutch is the Lemniscate Loop exactly what it says: you walk a lemniscate (an infinity sign, ∞).

  • Write on a piece of paper a word that moves or intrigues you. This is note A.
  • Write on a second piece of paper the opposite of A. This is what you would like to investigate or would like to understand. This is note B.
  • Put the pieces of paper on the floor about two to three meters apart, or whatever feels right.
    Stand close to note A. What do you observe?
  • Now stand near to note B. What do you observe?
  • Now walk a lemniscate around the pieces of paper. What do you observe?
  • Repeat this walk until B becomes more familiar.
By walking the Lemniscate Loop and repeating it, you will become familiar with both sides and will be able to connect both characteristics. You get new insights, create inner balance and develop something completely new.



With a Coach

Find the balance in yourself

Are you a rational person?

Do you find “The Lemniscate Loop” a bit vague and are you more of the ratio? Then start with:

  1. What are you good at?
  2. What is the opposite of it?
  3. Get out of your comfort zone! Do the opposite!