Lemniscaat Loop in Engels

Lemniscate Loop

De uitleg van de Lemniscaat Loop is vertaalt in het Engels.

Met dank aan Martijn Meima en Sarah Storm.



Connecting extremities and walking  yourself into balance.

  • The Lemniscate Loop is what it says: you walk a lemniscate  (an infinity sign, ∞).
  • Write on a piece of paper a word that moves or intrigues you. This is note A.
  • Write on a second piece of paper the opposite of A. This is what you would like to investigate or would like to understand. This is note B
  • Put the pieces of paper on the floor about two to three meters apart, or whatever feels right.
  • Stand close to note A. What do you observe?
  • Now stand near to note B. What do you observe?
  • Now walk a lemniscate around the pieces of paper.
  • What do you observe?
  • Repeat this walk until B becomes more familiar.

By walking the Lemniscate Loop and repeating it, you will become familiar with both sides and will be able to connect both characteristics. You get new insights, create inner balance and develop something completely new.

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